Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Optimize Your Freelance Writing Business Online for Local Search

Thanks to the Internet, being a freelance writer means being able to work with clients all over the world. There are very few limits. Unfortunately, many writers totally ignore their local market’s need for professional writing services, especially when marketing their business online.

For niche/specialty writers, (writers specializing in a specific area such as medical/dental writing, insurance, legal(writing for attorneys, etc.) optimizing your website or blog for improved local search engine results makes it much easier for local businesses to find you. Some local organizations prefer working with vendors in their own neighborhood so it makes good business sense to take advantage of every opportunity, proximity included.

Rep Your City

Can you imagine how many writers out there are claiming common titles like “copywriter,” “online copywriter,” “web writer,” or “blogger?” There’s nothing wrong with this, but online you’re literally competing with thousands and thousands of other writers sporting the exact same title. So what can you do?

Try tweaking the keywords in your title. You’ll get a lot more attention calling yourself the “Austin Texas Real Estate Blogger” than simply going by the title “blogger” or even “real estate blogger” alone. If you serve a specific niche of localized businesses like attorneys, dentists or doctors, this can give you an online marketing advantage. When I added “Atlanta” to my web writer title on my business blog, I started getting contacted by more small and mid-size businesses within the city and even a couple of surrounding states.

Update All Profiles

All online profiles representing your business should be consistent and include information like your title (as stated in the previous section) and location.

List Your Business with Google Business Center

This isn’t for everyone. It’s free to list your business in Google’s Local Business Center, but the catch is you need a physical address. Many writers don’t list their local address for obvious reasons, but if you happen to share office space, or listing your location is not an issue, listing your business can give you a nice localized ranking boost in the search engines.

Keep All Online Business Information Consistent

Keep your business identity consistent. Your website address, mailing address (if you choose to include this information), phone/fax number and email should be the same in profiles and all other business sources where you list your business. This definitely impacts local search results.


Anne Wayman said...

Such an obvious thing to do... well, all of it... and so often I get busy and forget to update stuff.

I think I'll tweak for san diego ghostwriter and see what happens.

Admin said...

Try searching Google using quotation marks around your title (E.g. "san diego ghostwriter") Anne and see if anyone else is using it.

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