Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

Friday was complete and utter chaos here in my little home office. It’s bad enough that I have books, files and miscellaneous papers strewn all over the place as I attempt to simultaneously manage freelance writing client projects, the kids' school projects and keep my family on a packing schedule for the Big Move in June (It really is a sight to see. Maybe I’ll get brave enough to post a photo of all this madness).

On top of all that my oldest and youngest both got sick. My oldest has a chronic health condition resulting in a midnight ER visit Thursday night/Friday morning. The youngest decided to bring home the latest bug passing through his Pre-K class Thursday afternoon after school. Perfect.

Hubby and I immediately launched into team mode – he made the ER trip that night with our daughter while I stayed home to work on getting the little one’s fever down, and making sure the twins were up and ready for school on time Friday morning. Needless to say I took Friday off for some much needed rest. Not much packing got done this weekend, but I did take time out to enjoy a few of my favorite blogs. Hope you enjoy these links as much as I did.

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Lori said...

Oh my. What a week you had! How are the kiddos today?

And yes, I for one need to see pictures. Makes me feel less alone. :)

Kimberly Ben said...

Yes, it was kinda insane, lol. My daughter is much better, but I'm keeping her home today just as a precaution. My 4yr old bounced back quickly and is back in school today.

As for the photo, it's so embarrassing how badly I've let things go around here. You'd have to see it to believe how bad it really is!

Lisa Vella said...

Wow! I'm so sorry you and your family had such a rough week. I understand how that goes. My children have been very sick in the last month - my seven year old, giving me the brunt of health worries. I'm glad everyone is on the mend now in your family. Hopefully, everything will go much smoother until you complete your move in June.

Take care, and happy Monday.

Kimberly Ben said...

Thanks, Lisa. Fortunately things returned back to normal (whatever that is...) pretty quickly.

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