Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Get Your Freelance Writing Business on Track: Attend The Confident Freelancer Webinar

Let me just say upfront that I am NOT an affiliate for this webinar, so if you choose to sign up I don’t make one red cent. I’m just passing along what I sincerely believe to be invaluable information for new and struggling freelance writers.

Lori Widmer and Devon Ellington are successful freelance writers who are combining forces to bring newbie and struggling freelance writers an informative webinar called The Confident Freelancer.

I’m pretty confident that the $79 cost of this webinar will be well worth the investment in your professional development - especially if you are serious about making a living as a freelance writer. Participants will receive a boat load of valuable information in the form of nine course forums where you’ll benefit from interactive Q&A sessions, connections and networking opportunities with other freelancers, and an ebook detailing all of the course information covered during the webinar.

Both Lori and Devon regularly share their expertise and advice on their respective blogs. I’ve learned a lot from these ladies. If you are just getting started and need direction, or if you’re stuck in your freelance writing business and have no idea how to break out of a low paying rut, consider attending this webinar March 26, 2011.

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