Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do You Regularly Invest in Continued Learning?

Yesterday I attended a webinar. I paid to attend. Now this is a big deal for me because when was first starting out I was looking for the elusive blueprint to freelance success. Once I realized there was no such animal, that I needed to put for the effort to find clients and actually take on projects, I vowed to stop buying information products for a while.

My California-based biz accountability partner was just telling me about a webinar teaching email marketing tips for getting more business that she was planning to participate in. I use email marketing regularly to query businesses and have had a decent amount of success, so I automatically shrugged it off. But she emailed the link detailing what the webinar would be covering, and I realized that there may be a lot more for me to learn so I can improve my strategy. Turns out it was money well spent. I honestly learned a few things that I can put into practice immediately.

As a blogger and business writer, I‘m a big believer in continuing with professional development. It can help keep you stay sharp, reveal emerging trends, and can teach you something new. Ebooks, e-courses, webinars and teleseminars are an excellent source of online learning. I also own several business writing and marketing resource books I often refer to. You’ll also find local colleges, SCORE, SBA and other small business organizations provide in person training and continued learning opportunities.

How do you invest in your continued professional development?

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