Friday, November 20, 2009

What a Way to End the Week

This week ended on a very nice note; I picked up two new clients. One of my new clients is a testament to trying something new. The client’s assistant initially contacted me for the contact information for a magazine I used to freelance for. I clicked on their signature link at the end of the email message which took me to their website and was impressed with the business. But I sensed they might need some assistance. I sent a reply email providing the requested information and offered my web writing services if they were ever in need.

The client responded with interest requesting more information about the services I offered, rates, etc. What do you know; he just happened to have two projects that needed a writer.

Try something new

Now I don’t usually approach clients like that because I’d never considered doing it before. But this particular time I thought, “What have I got to lose? The worse that can happen is they will decline my offer or I never hear from them again.” Being a freelancer I’m already used to both of those things happening. I took a chance and sold my services and it paid off. I spent eight years in advertising sales. How odd that I have never really put much energy into selling my freelance writing services. Although I send out queries which is a soft sell, I've never really utilized my selling skills to net clients like I should.

Have you tried a new way of marketing or promoting your services or doing business that’s worked for you recently?


Devon Ellington said...


Pretty much any time I see a business that intrigues me, I do my research and then try to come up with a proposal convincing them they can't live without me.

Kimberly Ben said...

You know, I got that from you, Devon! You said that very same thing commenting on one of Lori Widmer's posts. I thought about your words when I did contacted the client, and it worked like a charm!:-)

Lori said...

Yep. Twitter. I asked if anyone needed a phenomenal insurance writer (tongue planted firmly in cheek). It resulted in an ongoing, $600/month job.

If you want the job, ask. :))

Kimberly Ben said...

I agree, Lori. I've gotten some nice gigs from Twitter too. I even had another writer from Twitter kindly pass a project to me that she was too busy to handle.The writer community there is awesome!

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