Monday, November 2, 2009

How Do You Become a Better Writer?

I’m try hard to keep myself as educated as possible about this industry to improve my writing or learn something new about the business side of copywriting, SEO and Internet marketing strategies. Mostly I depend on books, trade publications, select blogs and online research. Recently I completed an online course outlining Wordpress basics.

Learn a new skill and make more money

Last week I came across an offer for one-on-one web copywriting coaching that I just couldn’t pass up. Alice Seba, also known as the “Internet Marketing Sweetie,” recently opened up her copywriting coaching program for sales copywriting for the low - only $97. It’s normally priced at $397, so I’d say I got a deal. Clients are requesting sales letters and other persuasive copy more often from me these days, and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to brush up my skills in this area.

Having a copywriter and Internet marketing expert critique my writing could really help me continue improving the services I provide for my clients as well as the marketing materials I create for my own business.

Continuing education keeps you up to speed

I’m a firm believer in doing whatever is necessary to keep your skills sharp when running a business. Because I do consider my freelance writing service a business, continuing education in the form of books, online courses or classes at a local college are necessities. If you provide editing services, you might consider taking a grammar class every two years or so to stay on top of any changes.

Is continuing education a part of your business model?


Devon Ellington said...

Go after assignments out of your comfort zone, provided you've got a fast learning curve and are willing to learn under pressure.

Kimberly Ben said...

I do do force myself to take on new assignments outside of my standard repertoire now and then, Devon; even though I may second guess myself throughout the entire process. It typically turns out to be a very good experience for both me and my client.

I'm not one to be content remaining in one station for long. I push myself to learn more about this business so that I may continue expanding my writing skills.

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