Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Working Your LinkedIn Account

It's not unusual for freelance writers to go round and round about whether or not social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are worth joining. But I've noticed that writers using LinkedIn are usually quite happy. I hesitate to say unanimously because I'm sure there's someone out there with a bone to pick, but for the most part the experience is a good one.

Potential clients find you

One thing I like about Linked in is that prospects go there looking for YOU. A refreshing change considering the amount of time we spend marketing our services and trolling job boards, don't you think? I've only had my profile up for a few months, but I've had several inquiries from prospects who have reviewed my LinkedIn account. Local and international.

You get to position yourself as an expert

Here's a little tip I was completely unaware of until recently. I have never paid much attention to the groups I'd joined on LinkedIn. I found out from a fellow writer that I was told that I was missing out on a golden opportunity to find clients. Every so often someone from a group posts a question related to writing or marketing. My writer friend explained that she takes the time to answer these questions because it not only helps someone out, but it also helps others view her as an expert and brings attention to her writing services. She has gotten a few gigs this way.

Are you a LinkedIn member? What is your experience with this and other social networking sites?


Laquita said...

Great post - I just joined LinkedIn and really need to set up my profile. Great tips :o)

Lori said...

Thanks for this, Kimberly. I've never quite paid enough attention to my LinkedIn account. I answer questions, but not nearly enough of them!

BTW, come over to my blog and mention your Writers Worth Day widget. That's enough to enter you in the giveaway! And if you're blogging or Tweeting or spreading the word somehow, tell me and I'll link to you on Friday. :)

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