Monday, May 25, 2009

eBook Review: "The Freelance Mom: A Low-Risk Plan to Escape 9-5 and Launch a Flexible (And Lucrative) Solo Career"

I spent time over the weekend reading Noelle Abaralli and Ed Gandia's ebook,

"The Freelance Mom: A Low-Risk Plan to Escape 9-5 and Launch a Flexible (And Lucrative) Solo Career." I had been noticing it for a while on Noelle's site, The Freelance Mom. Noelle offers helpful tips and coaching services for moms ready to leave the 9-5 grind behind and create successful freelance careers.

I have to admit, I was expecting a little more than I got; but maybe it's because I've been at this business for almost two years. Ed and Noelle's book seems geared toward those either planning to become freelancers or are brand new and in need of basic direction.

Advising newbie freelancers

Both authors discuss the fact that there are many opportunities to establish a successful freelance business in this economy. Admittedly they also cover areas frequently overlooked by many newbie freelancers like taking the time to honestly figure out if this career is the right choice. It's no secret that some view freelance writing as an easy, carefree lifestyle of getting up late, working in pajamas, etc.

True, the beauty of a freelance career is flexibility, but that's also the very thing that can get you into trouble without establishing some sort of discipline. Noelle and Ed address this issue in the section of their book titled, "Why Freelance Businesses Fail."

Launching a successful freelance business

Noelle and Ed encourage new freelancers create a transition plan that will help them make the move from traditional job to a thriving freelance business. They write about many other important points including:

• Setting goals
• Getting finances in order BEFORE making the switch
• Marketing and other promotional strategies
• Choosing a specialty
• Handling the administrative and business side of thing

Is it worth it?

Although this book may not benefit "veteran" freelancers who have been at it for some time, it could be a worthy investment for newbies ready to make the leap. The book covers many important aspects of the freelancing business, but fails to get in-depth in some important sections like marketing your services.

Personally I found the advice in this ebook to be pretty general. Not to mention that it's certainly no cheap read at $49. Still, there is helpful advice for those who are really ready to take action but need some direction. But if you're only casually thinking about whether or not freelance writing is for you, save your $49 and do some free research online.


Anonymous said...

$49 for an ebook? Wow.

Thanks for such an insightful review.

Kimberly Ben said...

Yeah, that is A LOT to spend when honestly you could get a lot of this information from researching online and reading established freelancer's blogs.

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