Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Web Writing Rocks!

One of my "bread and butter" clients (aka: a client that accounts for a big chunk of your income) informed me last week that he and his business will be relocating from Atlanta to Texas by the end of summer.

Thank you world wide web!

In this day and age, the Internet makes everything so simple that he was able to tell me that the move meant nothing as far as our working relationship was concerned. And what a relief for me! See, this is why virtual businesses, like freelance writing, rock!

I have only met with a couple of clients in person so far. In fact, the majority of my clients are located in other states. I have been talking with a client in Switzerland too. If all goes well they will be my first international client.

More opportunity

There is definitely more competition out there, but the Internet makes it so much easier to access a wider target market globally. Plan your marketing strategy and cast your net. You're sure to get something in return. It's one of many reasons why I love this gig.


Lori said...

So cool, Kim! It's great to see, in fact. My husband and I have been wondering what to do when he retires (IF he retires ever - long way out). My job goes with me. :)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff.

I have clients all over the world, thanks to the web, and it's wonderful.

Keeps your world wide!

Kimberly Ben said...

@ Lori: I actually feel more security freelancing knowing that I can work with clients located ANYWHERE in the world than I would working for a local company right now. Unemployment in Georgia is higher than the national average right now.:(

@ Devon: I've been talking to my first ever international prospect. I sure hope it works out!:)

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