Friday, September 19, 2008

Want to Start a Freelance Writing Business? There's No Time Like the Present

Wow what a week it's been. Between the Lehman Brothers and AIG fiasco, stock market shenanigans and talk of bailing out even more troubled banks, it's enough to make a full-time freelance writer or any other solopreneur start getting all sweaty and panicky. But not so fast…

Call me crazy, but I actually feel more secure knowing that I'm steering my own ship. If I were still working for the newspaper, I'd be shivering in my shoes right about now (newspapers haven't been doing so well for a while now anyway). As a freelance writer, you really do have the power to command your own income. Yeah, it takes a lot of hard work – anything worth while usually does. But there are lots of writers with a steady stream of projects. I'm finding that as some businesses cut back on specialized departments like marketing, they still need writers. So to save money on overhead, these companies are seeking contract writers. Two huge companies in my hometown advertised high paying, ongoing contract positions on Keep your eyes open…

I want to share some encouragement from some of my favorite blogs with you this Friday. To quote one of my favorite musical artists of all time, Bob Marley: "Don't give up the fight!"

Naomi Dunford's post over at really gives entrepreneurs food for thought.

Also, check out Paty Slim's eye opening post at Escape from Cubical Nation .

And enjoy reading Yuwanda Black's post at Inkwell Editorial to put to rest any doubts you have about the freelance road you're traveling.


Lori said...

I've found I have MORE work since the economy became shaky. It's sad for the corporate employees whose jobs are disappearing, but the upside is we get a bit more freelance work.

I feel the same - much more secure in my own world. :))

Avid Writer said...

Me too, Lori. I have more work than I han handle right now, and I'm NOT complaining! :)

I have many other friends who contract their services in other industries. For example, the construction/building industry has been hit especially hard because of the mortgage/credit fiasco. But a friend of mine with a construction company has bee accepting bid after bid from our city government after they just laid off several government employees. Still, certain jobs must get done, and it's cheaper to hire a contractor and not worry about paying taxes, benefits, pensions, 401k, etc.

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