Monday, September 8, 2008

Do Your Clients Really Know About Your Freelance Writing Skills?

A client and I were discussing a few of the projects I am currently working on for his company. During our conversation, I asked him a question about something related to a new blogging gig I've recently picked up. He is a very kind person – always generous with helpful information. After answering my question he said, "I didn't know that you offered business blogging services. We are really going to be needing help with that on some upcoming projects."

We went on to discuss rates and so forth. But it really got me thinking about how many of my other clients are totally oblivious about what I can do for them?

I have a website outlining my services (and it is in desperate need of a makeover), and even though many of my clients have visited it, I'm sure they don't remember anything listed on the site other than the specific service they contacted me to help with initially. So maybe these clients think I only do A instead of also being able to help out with B, C, and D.

So now I have a couple of new projects scheduled for the previously mentioned client all because of that conversation which allowed me to refresh his memory about the writing services I provide. Apparently I've been missing something here all along. How do you keep your regular clients in the loop about the various freelance writing skills you offer?


Stella said...

You need to stay in contact with your clients. Even with your old clients, you can update him with your services or maybe email him. Build good relationships with your clients so that you can usher a conversation with them at times and at the same time you can update them with your services. Good luck.

Avid Writer said...

You're right, Stella. I am making sure I keep my clients updated from this point on.

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