Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do Unto Other Bloggers as You Would Have Them Do Onto You?

Amy Derby at Write at Home's Monday post, "Stupid Blogger Netiquette #407 (The Great Platitudists of Blogland Strike Again)", started with a question someone recently asked her: "Would you read my blog even if I didn't read yours?" Hmmm, I'd never really thought about it much until she brought up the subject. Two rules of netiquette Amy mentions:
1) It's rude not to respond to every single comment
2) If a blogger comments on your blog it's only polite to return the favor.

I'm no blogging expert (I'm sure you're not shocked by that), but I have noticed that most guides to blogging suggest that you should always make a point of posting on another's blog as a courtesy when they take the time to post on yours. I try to do that when I can, but can be hard considering I can only allow so much time in my day for online socializing. I LOVE reading blogs – not just writing blogs – but I usually post only when I have something meaningful to contribute. Now that's not to say I'm not guilty of leaving a "great post!" response because I'll admit that I have. But I meant it. Really!

I never want anyone to feel obligated to post a comment on my blog any more than I'd wish to pay someone to do so. I understand why experts recommend commenting on blogs as a way of driving traffic to your own. I have found some pretty cool blogs that I now frequent because some really nice people stopped by to leave comments. I'm an introvert, but I do have a social side so I love taking part in discussions both online and off. I do try like the dickens to respond to comments left by those who stop by.

I'll comment on a blog it's because I find a particular topic interesting, and I continue to visit (often lurking about…) because I am fascinated by the way a blogger thinks and I want to know more about what they have to say. It's genuine, whether they decide to comment here or not. If you don't read my blog, even though I read yours, that's okay. It's all good. :)


Amy Derby said...

Hey there! It's good to know your thoughts on the whole blog netiquette thing. I'm certainly not a blogging expert either, but like you I've heard from so many people that it's rude not to comment on the blogs of bloggers who comment on yours. I think it's a good concept, if the blogs are all ones you're interested in or can learn something from. I try to be as polite as I possibly can, but I honestly feel it would be rude of me to comment on blogs just for the sake of trying to do the polite thing out of some funky obligation. As you and I both said, we don't want anyone doing us any favors just because they feel like they should. That said, I've found some really cool blogs from people who have visited mine. Yours is one of them. I would likely not have found your blog if you had never commented on mine. So thank you for that. :-)

Avid Writer said...

Well, Amy, it goes without saying that I really enjoy reading your blog. You have brilliant yet quirky way of expressing your point of view.

Your Monday post had me laughing out loud. I really do appreciate your kind words. :)

Lori said...

Amy's on to something. There are people who won't comment unless someone's commented on their blog. Is it rude not to respond? Not so certain about that. I'd rather sit back for a while and watch the conversation develop among others before interjecting. I've found on my own blog that the minute I thank people for responding, it usually kills the commenting. :))

Avid Writer said...

Lori, I've noticed that too. I thought I was the only one who thought that was happening...

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