Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freelancing While Traveling

As I write this I’m preparing to make an unexpected trip out of town. I’ll be working on a couple of projects while I’m away which means advance preparation is essential to making sure this trip doesn’t negatively effect my bottom line. My lovely children broke my laptop this summer (thanks again, kids…), but a relative was kind enough to donate her older model. It will do nicely until I buy the one of my dreams - hopefully within a couple of months. My main objectives when working while traveling:

  • Accessing the Internet for emailing and online research
  • Mobility
  • Easy access to files via

Having Internet access through a laptop or smart phone has certainly made freelancing on the go easier; but there are still ways to maintain momentum and connectivity with online clients:

Give Them Fair Warning

I contacted all of my regular clients to let them know I’d be out of town and not as available via email as usual. Clients can then decide whether or not to hold off on sending projects until you return from traveling. You may want to set an alert on your email that informs anyone sending email while you’re away.

Maintain Your Online Connection

How can you do this without a laptop? Easy. Find a public library for free Internet access (you may have to wait in line or be subjected to time limits depending on the library and demand for computer time). Take advantage of your hotel’s business center, or visit an Internet café (prices vary). You can use either of these places to quickly check and respond to emails or send shout outs to friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Let It Go

I’m sure you know that you don’t have to slip work in to every trip out of town. Believe me – I only do so when it absolutely can’t be avoided which thankfully is quite rare. Don’t be afraid to disconnect temporarily from your clients and the online world and enjoy real life uninterrupted.


Lori said...

Kim, if you haven't done so, check out Office Live Workspace. I use it. It's incredibly easy - it's a desktop on the Internet. You can store your documents there (up to 25GB) and open Word, Excel, etc. from the program. I use it constantly.

Kimberly Ben said...

for sharing this, Lori. I'm going to check it out because I'll be traveling a lot for the next few months. Any information that makes it easier to work while doing so is most welcome.

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