Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Freelance Writing List of Job Boards

I’ve been so busy for the past two months that I’ve pretty much neglected this blog. My plans were to finish up a couple long-term, time consuming client and personal projects so I could get back to my regular posting routine by May. Fortunately I received an email from a reader that prompted me to post today. This reader is just getting started and asked if I would share a list of job boards to get her started. I thought it might be a good idea to post it for others as well.

I know some writers don’t think much of job boards today because all too frequently there seems to be an increasing number of ridiculous offers being posted; but I don’t count them out completely. From time to time I keep the faith and visit them from time to time because amid all of the junk you’ll still find a gem or two. Here is a list of the job boards I visit. If you know of any others not mentioned in this list, please feel free to share.

  1. Freelance Writing Gigs – Updated daily and there lots of great freelance writing articles and resources too.
  2. Problogger – An up to date list of blogging jobs
  3. Freelance Switch – if you go to the jobs feeds page you can choose the writing category and subscribe via email so that it comes straight to your in box
  4. Media Bistro – There are some freelance jobs listed on this website and you can also create an account in the freelance marketplace section.
  5. Poe War – Follow this blog and the homepage too as this seems to have some posts relating to freelance writing jobs too.
  6. Sunoasis Jobs – you can also subscribe to get live updates via Twitter.
  7. Telecommuting Jobs – This is the link for the writing jobs category.
  8. Writer Find
  9. Online Writing Jobs
  10. About Freelance Writing – Daily blog listing of jobs.
  11. Morning Coffee – Have this delivered to your in box as a reminder to check for jobs each day.
  12. All Freelance Writing
  13. Craigslist – choose your country, choose your area and then choose writing and editing on the jobs tab.


Anne Wayman said...

Thanks for the link... at we publish jobs on M-W-F - I don't have what it takes to do it daily ) Also we work hard to publish only jobs you can do in your pjs... no go to the office writing, editing, blogging, translation jobs.

writingjobsinfo said...

Good information its pretty good. And thanks for providing the list of the job boards. As a freelance writer one can write articles, books, scripts, or research papers. The present freelance writing jobs also include writing for websites and blogs.

Lori said...

Anne, I'm in awe that you can do that three times a week! That's not easy.

Thanks, Kim. Great list!

Aspiring freelance writer said...

Terrific list of writing resources! Thank you! I read your post for May 7th... You are my idle! And I need you energy too! lol Thank you for an oustanding blog that is always inspiring! And have a Happy Mother's Day!!

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