Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Favs

I’m busy with a multitude of projects right now. Some writing related, some not.Maybe I should have done this on Friday, but any day’s a good day to share favorite blog posts. Right? Anyway, I hope you like them too. Enjoy your Monday.

Freelancers vs. Salaried Employees

When the Client Hates Your Writing

SEO Copywriting Advice: When to Turn Down SEO Writing Jobs

How to Create Better Clients: Getting More Money...

Copywriters are Not Mind Readers

Prepare Your Family for Your Freelance Writing Business


Carson Brackney said...

Hey! Thanks for mentioning my post!

Lori said...

Cool list as usual, Kim. :)

Sharon Hurley Hall said...

Thanks for including my post- nice list.

Marya Miller said...

Thanks for including my post, Kim. I enjoyed reading your other "picks" too, and discovering others' takes on similar problems.

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