Friday, March 6, 2009

TGIF Freelance Writer Link Love

It's Friday and I'm closing out the week by putting the finishing touches on a few projects due today and scheduling a couple more for next week. This weekend it's back to working on my own projects - and enjoying the sunny 75+ degree weeekend weather (only in Atlanta could it snow Sunday, then be in the 70's by the end of the week!).

I read some really great writer blogs this week that I'd like to share. I hope you enjoy reading them and have a great weekend!

Mommy, Where Do Clients Come From?

Freelance Income Report for February 2009

Six Months Full-Time, the Things I've Learned

Reality Check and the Toilet Paper Entreprener: The DIY Marketer's 1-2 Punch Survival Guides in this Economy

i have a company dammit!


Diaspora said...

It's YorubaQueen (very VERY big lurker) from NP. I wrote you a small note over there a few weeks ago. But then I told myself, well let me read her blog. So while I had some downtime at work and sleepy time from my daughter, I read your blog from your first entry to this one. I want to say that this is really a great and inspriational blog (for me anyway) and I appreciate you writing it as well.
I've wanted to get into freelancing for a while now. I was able to publish an online magazine that is no longer in existence (pregnancy and other issues) but I never lost the writing bug. So I've been trying to get into the business so that I could work from home and have more time with my daughter (I was working over 70 hours a week for a while and only seeing her for a few hours a day while she stayed at my mother's house)and your story and links to other sites (esp. Yuwanda's site) have been helpful, inspirational, educational, and more than anything: motivating.
So thanks for your blog, your links, and your story.
Continued success to you and your business!

Kimberly Ben said...

YorubaQueen, thank you so much stopping by to share such a thoughtful comment. I'm so glad to know that you find the information here and the links I provide to be a beneficial resource. You can do this - it is a wide open opprutinity for those willing to put in the work. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. Good luck to you!

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