Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Client Issues are a Freelance Writing Reality

I want to thank Lori Widmer for calling attention to a very puzzling issue I've been having with a recent client. You can read here to get the full story. Lori is a writer I respect very much. She offers very valuable freelance writing advice and insight for new and existing freelance writers that can help them to build a thriving business.

Well, Lori gave me some very straightforward advice, and I needed it. In taking her advice, I prepared to go on as usual with the business of consistently marketing and handling other projects. Then yesterday, the client in question called me up to discuss a brand new project.

I couldn't resist. I just flat out asked him what was going on with the "big" project he'd made a deposit payment on last month. He explained that his company had placed the project temporarily on hold while they worked on streamlining some internal operations. His business has recently experienced some growing pains lately, and they really needed to take care of some crucial issues before giving the "big" project the time and attention it requires. He assured me the "big" project is still a go.

So Lori, I told him that I was still committed to working on the project, but I couldn't guarantee that when he gives the thumbs up to get started I'll be available to jump on it right away. Thankfully the client said he completely understood.

So the mystery of the prepaid project that never arrived has officially been solved. The moral of this story is: Communicate with your clients right away when issues come up. Physician heal thyself…;-)


Lori said...

Thanks for the cyber hug, doll. :)) Sorry it's taken me so long to get over here - hubby was rehabilitating after surgery and I'm just getting caught up.

Way to GO! That's the way to handle it. I'm smiling ear-to-ear right now! Feels so good when we grab hold of our careers and shape them the way we want them!

Avid Writer said...

Lori, I can't thank you enough for giving it to me straight. I hope you and your hubby are doing well. :)

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