Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Telecommuting Opportunities for Writers

Freelance writer, Lexi Rodrigo, recently discussed her decision to take a telecommuting position. Lexi has operated a successful freelance writing business for years, and recently blogged about her decision to accept a telecommuting job. A telecommuter is a paid company employee – who just happens to perform their job from home. My best friend has been a telecommuting medical coder for a southeast hospital for 10 years and she loves it. Her employer provides software, reference material, computer equipment, and anything else required for her to do her job. In the past two years she’s lived in three different states, and her employer could care less as long as she continues to meet the company’s performance standards.

If you rely on freelancing as your sole source of income, you know some months can be leaner than others – especially in the early days when you’re first setting up shop. If you want more financial security, a telecommuting gig is certainly an option to consider. Lexi is absolutely right when she says that many freelancers are missing out on writing opportunities being offered to company employees. Depending on your scheduling and income needs, you could take a part-time or full-time position and freelance around that.

Before you commit to a telecommuting gig, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much time can I devote to the job?
  • Am I free to complete projects on my own time, or do I need to stick to a predetermined work schedule?
  • Will the employer provide training?
  • Will you receive paid holidays, vacations and sick time?

Would I consider telecommuting? Sure, but I currently have a steady flow of freelance clients right now and a couple of personal writing projects that I’m very committed to, so I’d need something that provided LOTS of flexible scheduling. I have no issue at all with meeting set deadlines – as a freelancer that’s pretty much my thing. I just can’t commit to a set working schedule each day.

So where can you find legitimate telecommuting opportunities for writers? I’m told Flexjobs.com is one source specializing in telecommuting jobs, but they are also available on:

Craigs List (exercise caution here)
Twitter (I see job leads posted quite often)
Company websites
Various job boards

Would you consider taking on a telecommuting writing position working for another company?


allena said...

I would consider it, but very carefully. My favorite parts of freelancing are the flexibility of working whenever I want, and the ability to make as much money as I have time for.

if I had to log hours in the chair from 8-5 every day I would shrivel up and die.

Kimberly Ben said...

I agree, allena. I like (a with 4 children NEED) the flexibility too much to give that up. However, if a telecommuting gig allowed me to meet their deadlines without constant monitoring so that I could complete work at my own pace, I'd consider it.

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