Monday, July 25, 2011

Countdown to Moving Day

If only you could see the boxes piling up in my house. We are in the last days of packing. On Wednesday my husband and I will travel to our new home a state away to unload furniture and and begin a new adventure in our lives - at least that's how we choose to think of it. We're moving to be closer to my mother - she needs help since my father died. If it weren't for freelancing I can't imagine how we would be able to do this.

I’ve been ghost around here because for the past months because my focus has been on packing, marketing and wrapping up client projects. Moving means I’ll be without Internet for at least 48 hours once we get there, and I can’t lie – I’m feeling a little bit of anxiety over that. Between my Blackberry and Starbucks Wi-Fi , I should be able to maintain communication if anything crucial pops up. My regular clients have all been informed that I’m unavailable to work this week.

I hope to be back to posting on a regular basis by August 1. Until then I leave you with some of my favorite posts written by some of my favorite bloggers. I'll just get back to packing now...

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Lori said...

Safe journey to your new home, Kim. May it be a good shift in perspective, and may that kitchen reno go according to plan. :)

Yuwanda said...

Safe travels and moving to your new home Kimberly. Your mom is lucky to have a daughter like you (as I'm sure she knows).

The ATL will miss you! I hate we never got to meet up. :(


Kimberly Ben said...

Thanks, Lori and Ywanda. ;)

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