Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Green Business Tip of the Day: Recycle Inkjet Cartridges and Save Money

If you're like me, you practically spend a fortune each year in inkjet cartridges. I'm constantly printing information for research to take along while writing on the go (I know, I know - that's not a very green thing to do). Paying $20 and up on a couple of measly printer cartridges was getting pretty ridiculous – even if they are tax deductible.

Cheap ink is right around the corner

Imagine my surprise when a family member informed me that I could take my old cartridges to my local Walgreens' photo department and have them refilled for only $10 each! I'm too embarrassed to tell you how many empty cartridges I had lying around. Thankfully there just happens to be a Walgreens right up the street from where I live, so not only am I saving money, but I'm helping out the environment by recycling as well as spending much less time and gas in my quest for printer ink.

Searching for more ways to save money and the environment

Now the fire is lit – I'm determined to find more cost-saving, environmentally friendly ways to operate my business. Do you recommend any green business tips that significantly save you time or money?

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Mark said...

Thanks for the useful info. It's so useful. This idea will save money. Recent surveys conducted suggest that approximately ninety percent of cartridges are thrown into the trash after the ink gets over.

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