Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Use Testimonials to Increase Your Business

Whenever I read testimonials on a website or sales page, I'm instantly hooked in. It's reassuring to know that the product or service I'm considering has worked successfully for someone else. I immediately feel like I can't go wrong making the purchase.

Testimonials are those quotes of praise from customers. They're popular in a number of weight loss products and DVDs featured on infomercials where ordinary folks like you and me transform themselves thanks to the new ABC exercise program on DVD. Testimonials aren't just for infomercials – they can work for your freelance writing business too.

When you have testimonials on your business website, prospects get to see proof of what your writing services have done for your clients. Testimonials add real selling power if you know how to use them.

Use Real Testimonials

Don't make them up. Fake testimonials just won't come across as sincere – no matter how well you think they sound. If you do a good job, your client's won't mind sending a little praise your way. And that's what you want – testimonials that honestly complement your writing skills.

Use Testimonials that are Specific

Make sure your testimonials clearly show how your writing services were beneficial. This adds value to your business.

Include as Much Information as Possible in Your Testimonials

Include the client's name, title, company, city and state when you can. Using anonymous testimonials can lack believability.

Ask Your Clients for Permission First

It may seem okay to use that flattering email your client sent regarding the latest project you completed. It's always better to extend common courtesy and ask first. You can send off a simple email with the quote you're interested in using. Ask to use it for your website, any ads and other promotional material.

Prospects will be impressed to see that your clients are so happy with your writing services and can lead to more business for you.

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