Monday, July 21, 2008

How Often Do You Set Freelance Writing Goals?

We are a little more than half way through 2008. One thing I do is make several freelance writing goals for myself throughout the year and continuously check my progress. I have a very special notebook just for this purpose where I write down very specific goals. I write about how I plan to achieve them and assign a deadline for getting it done. I find that even if I don't meet said deadline, I am at least taking the action needed to get there.

Valerie Bertinelli said that the reason she decided to go on Jenny Craig and lose weight in front of the whole world is because she knew she wouldn't be able to just blow it off. That public proclamation forced her to be accountable and follow through. So today I'm going to follow her brave lead and share my freelance writing goals with you (if you knew what I private person I am, you'd know this is a really big deal!):

1. Break into corporate copywriting. I am interested in learning more about niches like writing white papers and case studies.

2. Get a paid blogging gig. One with a byline would be great, but I'm not averse to ghostwriting for a client.

3. Create some residual streams of income through my writing. I have a couple of ideas for a niche blog and possible ebook, but it's still taking form.

4. Contact more clients by cold calling and other marketing efforts. My goal is to reach a certain number of prospects every day – no matter how busy I am.

5. Start querying print magazine markets again, including some trade publications.

These are my goals starting right now. This August I will have officially worked as a full-time freelance writer for one year. Sometimes I find myself comparing my progress with other freelance writers, but I try to slap myself on the hand when I do this. I am forging my own path in this business, and worrying about everyone else causes me to lose focus. Setting freelance writing goals keeps me on a slow and steady path toward success. Do you set writing goals?

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