Friday, June 6, 2008

A Freelance Writing Challenge - Time to Bump it Up a Notch

I always enjoy reading Chris' blog Freelance Writing at the end of each month where he tallies up his monthly income. Talk about giving you something to aspire to – Chris' income for May 2008 is quite impressive! As a writer, I'm doing okay. I am able to pay my bills each month, and some months are more generous than others; but I have to wonder what is keeping me from setting the kind of goals Chris sets? Why am I not aiming that high with my own income goals? I love to write, but this is a business and I want to be able to earn a comfortable living with my business.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, part of my trouble is an inconsistent marketing strategy. So this week I came up with a plan and am taking steps to change that faux pas. I also need to set a structured writing schedule and stick to it each day. This is my biggest weak spot. I am impulsive and easily distracted. I also have four small children between the ages of eight and two, and a husband who works nights so during the day he likes to talk. A lot. Yes, I have a few challenges, but I should have no problem managing them if I learn to manage my time better and become more disciplined. This week I kept close tabs on the time I spent each day on my writing projects and was amazed at what I don't actually get done!

So now things are going to change. I am preparing a writing schedule for next week. I will designate a set time each day to spend reading and responding to my favorite blogs. I will write my own blog posts this weekend to give myself a head start. I will organize and strategize! I have set a mighty high income goal for myself this June, and I will work like a dog to meet it. Watch out, Chris.

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